May 22

Celebrate Memorial Day with a 20% Off Military Discount On EcoloBlue Solutions


Portrait Of Soldier Returning Home With FamilyTreat yourself and your family to the best water possible, made from the air. In these times of drought and water conservation, and not to mention all the plastic waste you can prevent, this technology is more important than ever before.

20offmilitarypage2 EcoloBlue would like to thank you for your current or past service, by extending this offer to you.

military 2013*Proof of military service required at time of purchase

*Offer valid only on purchases made directly from EcoloBlue
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May 20

Unicef CauseTech: Crowd-sourcing Global Innovation for Good

“Sharad Sapra, M.D., Director, UNICEF Global Innovation Centre
Lisa Nash, Chief Marketing Officer, Thrive Networks; CEO, Blue Planet Network
Wayne Ferreira, CEO, EcoloBlue

From access to clean water to disease prevention to education, millions of people around the world are in desperate need of innovative technologies and products that fulfill their basic human needs. CauseTech is a landmark initiative to crowd-source breakthrough ideas, inventions, products and emerging technologies, bridging the private and public sector into a global open innovation ecosystem.

Through collaborative thinking, they seek to adapt and deploy inventive technology solutions that can help UNICEF scale its efforts to meet the ever-growing needs of the poorest and most vulnerable and excluded children across 190 countries. Focusing on access to water, health care, nutrition and energy, our panel will showcase the power of community and the early success of work being done through this initiative.
– See more HERE

Podcast can be listened to HERE





Photo Credits to Sally Quigley.

May 15

EcoloBlue Machine Donation: Tulare County Drought Situation Dire As Neighbors Steal Water From Neighbors

On Tuesday, working next to community showers in the Iglesia Emmanuel Church parking lot in the drought’s hardest-hit area in the state, Hernandez anxiously awaited a delivery he believes will make a big difference.

“Today is a good day,” he said. “We don’t get too many days around here lately.”

Bay Area company Ecoloblue is in Tulare County, donating an atmospheric water generator that makes purified drinking water from the humidity in the air.

The unit makes up to eight gallons a day, a mere drop in the bucket. But in a community with more than 1,000 people without water, Hernandez says it’s at least something.

Our behind the scenes photos and blog about that day: HERE

May 14

Interested in becoming a U.S. Dealer or Distributor for EcoloBlue?

EB30 and EB30ME Machines

Are you interested in making a difference in this drought, and times of global water crises?

Join EcoloBlue’s team of U.S. Dealers and Distributors who all have the same passion.

Who are we looking for?

Individuals with Passion.

Are you concerned with the state of world’s water supply right now? Do you worry about what is in your drinking water supply? Then you might have that passion that will drive you in this business.

Individuals willing to make the investment.

Do you have the capital to create a new online or brick and mortar business? Or just to add our product line into your existing one? We offer Dealerships for people who cannot house their own inventory, and Distributorships for those who can.

Individuals willing to promote the product.

EcoloBlue provides marketing materials for you to use to promote the EcoloBlue line of solutions. Our Sales Staff at EcoloBlue are available to you with suggestions for new materials, or to discuss ways to make you more successful. Being professional and business minded will allow you to go far.

Individuals with a positive and flexible attitude and outlook.

EcoloBlue wants individuals who can see the big picture, forecast their sales, and plan accordingly. We very much believe in the statement “Be proactive, not reactive.”. If you plan ahead, you will always come out on top.

Individuals able to support the product line.

At EcoloBlue we expect that Distributors will plan to set aside some time to do some phone training, or arrange a visit to our office, to learn as much as you can about the solutions. Our Tech Support staff is available to help you with any questions that you have.

EcoloBlue employees are very passionate about the product line that we manufacture. We believe in it, we work hard every day on new R&D to make the product line better, we know the power of change they can make in the world, and we are willing to share this knowledge. We expect that our partners and representatives will have this same passion, and support us in our endeavors to spread EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators further into the U.S. market.

Please call us at 800-691-6043 x109 or send us a message through our Contact Us form to learn more.

May 13

The Reality Behind the Power Cost of an EcoloBlue Home/Office Unit

We occasionally get some raised eyebrows when we mention the power consumption of our EB30 Series units. This is very surprising. Given that at about 380 Watts, it runs on far less energy than half of your appliances, costs far less than bottled water, prevents plastic bottle waste, and to most people is a necessity to provide clean drinking water. Unlike running a TV, microwave or dishwasher that are not really needed in the grand scheme of things.

Using the formula on THIS website, let’s see how this plays out…

1. Estimate of time used: The EcoloBlue should remain powered on 24/7

2. Wattage: The wattage is around 380 Watts at normal usage/idle. If you use the hot function, it will rise slightly during those short durations. Alternately, when the machine is running idle, it used less than 30 Watts. But we will use 380 as a baseline for this example.

3. Daily energy consumption:
(380 W × 24 Hrs) ÷ 1,000 = 9.12 kWh

4. Annual energy consumption: The machine is used daily.
9.12 kWh × 365 = 3328.8 kWh

5. Annual cost: The utility rate is 11 cents per kWh for this example. Check your own bill for your specific rate.
3328.8 kWh × $0.11/kWh = $366.17/year (and the water is FREE)

Our EB30 Series machines create ‘up to’ 8 gallons a day based on humidity levels. So again, so the sake of this example, let’s just say the machine creates 5 gallons a day in an average humidity location.

– 5 gallons a day x 365 days = 1,825 gallons a year

– $366.17 / 1,825 gallons = $.20 a gallon

At this time on Office Depot’s website (for example), you can get 1 gallon of water for $.99.

– That bottled water would cost $1806.75 annually for 1,825 gallons.
– That is $1,440.58 more than the electricity cost of running the EB30.

So while your money is going to your power company instead of your grocery store, you are still saving $1,440.58 every year on your bottled water purchases. In the end, I really see no arguments for anyone saying that the machine uses too much electricity. It actually pays for itself 4-5 times over in reality, if you stop buying bottled water.

Makes sense to me.

May 13

Day Trip to Porterville

As a whole, EcoloBlue‘s mission is to provide safe and clean drinking water to those who do not have it. That’s the bottom line. And what is one of the worst hit areas in California? East Porterville. One of our Sales Representatives, Dexter Fernandez, and myself, Heather Jepsen (Operations Manager), decided to take a road trip down to Porterville yesterday to see and hear first hand what is going on down there. We wanted to donate an EcoloBlue home/office machine to Pastor Hernandez, who runs the Iglesia Emmanuel in Porterville. We also met Nick Janes from CBS13 Sacramento, and cameraman, Mike Lowry at the church. We learned about Pastor Hernandez through a news story on the drought that Nick organized, in which we were also a part. He wanted to do a follow up since we were brought together through his stories. Andrew Lockman, Manager of the Tulare County of Emergency Services, also made an appearance and looked over our machine.

When we arrived at the church, we were warmly greeted by Pastor Hernandez, Nick, and Mike, and spent several hours with the pastor. We brought the machine into the church, showed him how to use it, and let him know the benefit of setting the timer and allowing it to produce water at night when their humidity level is the highest. He also showed us around the property. We were able to see the container filled with water from the county, that he distributes to the residents. They also have 2 shower trailers on site for residents to use. One for handicap, and one that is split between a men’s section and a women/children section. This is apparently costing the county $30,000 a month to rent. They were only supposed to have it on site for 6 months, but it has been extended.

The whole time we were there, residents were coming and going to pick up cases of drinking water. We also heard some of their stories such as one trying to share water (plumbing) with their neighbors, but apparently that is illegal to do now. One resident spoke of a quote of a $16,000 to replace the well on his property. He has to move. And the pastor spoke of one gentleman who refused to take a donation of water, because he did not want to take it from someone doing “this” for the fame. By “this”, he meant doing these news stories. It was very disappointing to hear that someone was being skeptical, and refusing something his family greatly needs, because they had a false impression of the pastor.

There are so many people who need help, and we should look highly on, and appreciate what people like Pastor Hernandez are donating their time to do.

It is even front page news.

It is even front page news.



Signage directing people to the showers on the church property.

Signage directing people to the showers on the church property.

Men and Women's shower trailer

Men and Women’s shower trailer

Bottled water donated by the county.

Bottled water donated by the county.

Budweiser donated this canned water to Porterville. Unfortunately, when more was requested, they were informed that this was their prime time of year for beer production, and they would get back to them at the end of the year.

Budweiser donated this canned water to Porterville. Unfortunately, when more was requested, they were informed that this was their prime time of year for beer production, and they would get back to them at the end of the year.

Dexter Fernandez being interview by Nick Janes

Dexter Fernandez being interview by Nick Janes

Dexter and Pastor Hernandez discussing East Porterville's water issues.

Dexter and Pastor Hernandez discussing East Porterville’s water issues.

Andrew Lockman, Manager of Tulare County Office of Emergency Services, being interviewed.

Andrew Lockman, Manager of Tulare County Office of Emergency Services, being interviewed.

Dexter Hernandez, Andrew Lockman and Pastor Hernandez discussing the machine.

Dexter Fernandez, Andrew Lockman and Pastor Hernandez discussing the machine.

This drinking fountain water comes form a well on site. When tested with a TDS meter, it came back with a reading of 403 PPM. After running it through our hybrid system, it came out at 70 PPM. See chart below.

This drinking fountain water comes from a well on site. When tested with a TDS meter, it came back with a reading of 403 PPM. After running it through our hybrid system, it came out at 70 PPM. See chart below.

Total Dissolved Solids/Parts Per Million Chart for Drinking Water

Total Dissolved Solids/Parts Per Million Chart for Drinking Water

Mike Lowry of CBS13

Mike Lowry of CBS13

Dexter Fernandez, Pastor Hernandez, Heather Jepsen and Nick Janes

Dexter Fernandez, Pastor Hernandez, Heather Jepsen and Nick Janes

Pastor Hernandez also let us know about the food donations they do once a month. Besides water, what they also really need is a commercial refrigerator to store the food, while waiting to be donated. If you are interested in making a donation, please let us know and we can provide you with contact information.

May 06

Olympic Medalist ‘Makes’ Water to Aid Drought-Stricken Farmers


In India, Ferreira envisions EcoloBlue standing alongside aquifers – sparked with energy from renewable sources – refilling water that is pumped out each day. The machine could also be used alongside village wells – which remain the primary water source for about a third of the country’s population – ensuring a consistent supply of potable water for a thirsty rural India.

“This is not going to solve a drought, but it can help out in a very large capacity,” said Ferreira. “The desperation for water is getting worse; every day I see more and more potential.”

EcoloBlue is currently in talks with a couple of companies based in India to develop a cut-down version assembled in India, thereby reducing the cost of manufacturing and bypassing import duties. The company is also working with almond and walnut growers in California’s Central Valley, who have suffered a severe economic crisis over the past four years due to an extended drought. Indian Americans primarily of Punjabi descent produce about one-fifth of the nation’s almonds and walnuts from this region.

“This really flip-fops the idea of thinking about water, how something like this functions in an environment where there is no electricity,” Accone of UNICEF told India-West, calling EcoloBlue a “truly innovative” product. She noted that the machine was already being used in Bangladesh to “recharge” aquifers – pumping EcoloBlue’s water back into an existing water supply.


May 03

Day 5 – State Of Survival: Lessons Learned From The Land Down Under

Apr 30

Day 4 – State Of Survival: Bay Area Company Pulls Water From Thin Air

Apr 29

Day 3 – State Of Survival: Farmers Coming Up Dry In Search For Water

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