Nov 25

Water Conservation via a Water Bottle Garden

                                                           A Successfully grown bottle garden.

A Successfully grown bottle garden.

Water is a renewable resource which is also priceless in nature. However, it has been polluted, wasted, and is taken for granted. There is a popular tale told in the Eastern Continents about a king and a glass of water. There was this King who got lost in a desert. He got separated from his escort, and was doing poorly when he finally found a hut. He called on the person living there and told him to bow to him and help him, as he was his King. The person could discern this as well, but refused to bow down. A long argument ensued, a part which goes thus:

The person asked the King, “If you were dying of thirst, with no one around and half a glass of water could save you, what would you give in thanks?

“I would give the person half my Kingdom”, said the King.

The person asked again, “And if you were dying of a bladder disease, where no one could help you and a person gives you half a glass of water which cures your disease, then would he get the same reward?

“Yes”, the King replied.

“Then would you want me to bow down to someone, who would give away his Kingdom for a glass of water?”

The thing is that, in real, we would give all our possessions for a glass of water, if we were to be deprived of it for, say, even a week. So, conserving this essential commodity is very important. And if you are a person who lives where water is scarce, then gardening is pretty much out of the question.

However, there is a new method of gardening which has been proved viable, which uses very minute quantities of water. This technique may have been used successfully before, but in the scientific circles, it was popularized by Willem Van Cotthem, who is a Professor from University of Ghent (Belgium).

His basic design uses any 1.5 l plastic bottles stacked together one on top of the other, half filled with soil. These make a vertical tower which then requires very little water for growing vegetables and herbs. It can be made using the following steps:


  1. Take a 1.5l empty plastic bottle and remove its bottom. The cap will remain intact. Drill two drainage holes near the cap. Fill it up with soil and place it upside down. This will be the bottom of the tower.
  2. Take another bottle; unscrew its cap and cut off the bottom. Fill it with soil and place it upside down in the first bottle.
  3. Repeat step 2 for 2-3 bottles to make a tower.
  4. The last bottle will be empty. Now, take another bottle, drill a hole in its cap and cut off the bottom and place it upside down in the topmost bottle. This will make your water reservoir when watering the system.
  5. The last step is cutting small flaps in the bottles containing the soil and planting either seeds or young plants.


You are pretty much set to go. You can even place this close to your window sill, if you live in an apartment and do not have outside space. It will grow and work anywhere, if it gets 6 hours of sunlight. For best results we recommend quality seeds, which can be gotten in a deal from Groupon and various other sites. However, the real benefit, as was mentioned earlier, is that it consumes very little water. The system is designed to be closed. The water drips from the top bottle and goes through successive compartment and eventually to the bottom. There is no direct surface evaporation from soil, so the soil remains moist, making it easier for the plants to utilize the water. There is also no water runoff, and hence, water is conserved. Professor Willem originally designed this to combat nutritional imbalance in deserts or areas affected by desertification; and to make food available to the poor communities in the developing world.

We believe in conserving water for our future generations, fighting desertification and nutritional imbalances. You can help as well, by doing the little that is in your power. A small action done by a million people can make a difference that is profound and change how the world works.

Guest Post by Frank Lee @

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Nov 24

EcoloBlue and Moisture Vaporators

With the new Star Wars movie coming out, it was fun to go back and see how our technology has been compared to moisture vaporators. While they look much different, they perform the same function. George Lucas was ahead of his time. While similar technology existed back then, he realized that it was a necessity and saw into the future.


Nov 19

Why World Toilet Day?


World Toilet Day is a day to take action. It is a day to raise awareness about all people who do not have access to a toilet – despite the human right to water and sanitation. It is a day to do something about it.

Of the world’s seven billion people, 2.4 billion people do not have improved sanitation. 1 billion people still defecate in the open. Poor sanitation increases the risk of disease and malnutrition, especially for women and children.

We cannot accept this situation. Sanitation is a global development priority. This is why in 2013 the United Nations General Assembly officially designated November 19 as World Toilet Day. World Toilet Day is coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and relevant stakeholders.

This year, World Toilet Day is focusing on the link between sanitation and nutrition drawing the world’s attention to the importance of toilets in supporting better nutrition and improved health. Lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation, along with the absence of good hygiene practices, are among the underlying causes of poor nutrition.

What can you do to help? 

Nov 05

50% Down to Reserve your EcoloBlue Machine for 2016

EcoloBlue Heather - magnetHave you been thinking about purchasing an EB30 Home/Office Unit?

The demand has been so great, that we completely sold out of our 2015 inventory. This is the hottest product right now, and everyone wants one. Who doesn’t want the best drinking water for themselves or their family?

We are offering that you can put 50% down on the pre-order of a machine for delivery in early 2016.

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Nov 03

Solutions for the Global Water Crisis

EcoloBlue is a California based company that has been manufacturing atmospheric water generators since 2007. Making water from air is a technology that is not new, however is starting to gain notice more recently because of the great global need for clean drinking water.

The industries interested in this solution are numerous and widespread. There is local interest from communities in need of drought support, agriculture, and even the military. Global interests vary from the extreme need for safe potable water, foreign militaries, government entities, agriculture, disaster preparedness and many others.

EcoloBlue’s technology can be used in any environment where the humidity level is 30% or higher, for our industrial model solutions. Rain or shine, coastal or inland, domestic or foreign, you can produce your own water for any need you see fit. These solutions can be custom designed to produce any volume of water you are in need of, even millions of liters a day.

The machines can be equipped with or without filtration, dependent on if you plan to use the machine as a hybrid, and want to process emergency (tap, river, well) water through the system to purify it.

Our team will work with you on a custom solution, so that a system can be designed to fit your specific needs, and in your specific environment.

According to the WHO,, and UNICEF, these facts are staggering. Women and children spend 125 million hours every day collecting water. This time would be much better spent to improve their safety, education and general quality of life. Every 90 seconds a child dies from a unsafe water related disease. Did you know that 1/3 of the world’s schools lack access to safe water and sanitation?

All of these problems, and more, can be resolved. Industries, governments, NGOs, and individuals can make a difference. EcoloBlue, partnered with a renewable energy, and with an organization or individual with an open mind and vision, can make an impressive impact on the earth and the lives of everyone on it.

Think about it.

Nov 02

Celebrate This Upcoming Veterans Day with a 20% Off Military Discount On EcoloBlue Solutions


Portrait Of Soldier Returning Home With FamilyTreat yourself and your family to the best water possible, made from the air. In these times of drought and water conservation, and not to mention all the plastic waste you can prevent, this technology is more important than ever before.

20offmilitarypage2EcoloBlue would like to thank you for your current or past service, by extending this offer to you.

military 2013*Proof of military service required at time of purchase

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EcoloBlue, Inc, 5702 Marsh Drive, Unit K, Pacheco, CA 94553 | 800-691-6043 x105

Oct 30

Going Green at School: A Guide to Sustainability in College and in Life

In the past 10 years, college campuses have focused their efforts to confront the challenges of climate change, energy consumption, natural resource depletion, and environmental crises. Colleges and universities have become testing grounds for new approaches to living, for new ideas about how we utilize the natural bounty of our planet, and for new initiatives about how forge a better, more sustainable future. This development has created new avenues for interdisciplinary research and study, created new opportunities for constructive social networking, and opened up new career paths in the realms of art, science, and business.

Sustainability Education
Read more HERE

Oct 21

Do you want to be your own personal water utility?


Being your own personal water utility for your drinking water, your home, your greenhouse/garden, or your community, you can assume this environmental responsibility. If you generate your own water, you are assisting all cities and water utilities tasked by reducing their water usage by various amounts, and helping to sustain our existing water supplies. Whether large or small, you are reducing your water footprint by supplementing your own water supply. The scale of the projects are endless.

Oct 11

El Niño could leave 4 million people in Pacific without food or drinking water

Via Ben Doherty at The Guardian

“El Niño has the potential to trigger a regional humanitarian emergency and we estimate as many as 4.1 million people are at risk from water shortages, food insecurity and disease across the Pacific,” Sune Gudnitz, head of the Pacific region office of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said.

“Countries including Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Tonga and the Solomon Islands are already feeling El Niño’s impact with reduced rainfall affecting crops and drinking-water supplies. Drought conditions would further complicate the humanitarian situation in countries that are just emerging from the devastation caused by tropical cyclones Pam, Maysak and Raquel.”

Many countries across the region are entering the El Niño period in a vulnerable state. Drought has been officially declared in 34 provinces in Indonesia, while in Vanuatu – still recovering from the devastation of cyclone Pam, which struck in March – authorities are warning reduced rainfall will damage food security, health and livelihoods.

In some parts of Fiji, water is already being trucked into villages that have run out. And Tonga, which has suffered a drought for nearly a year, has been forced to ship water supplies to the country’s outer islands.

Countries where food insecurity affects large proportions of the population were of special concern, Bradshaw said.

An article showing the need for EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators.

Oct 08

Why Go Green? Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Major.

The world is changing, and the world needs educated people to change with it. There are so many green industries with products and solutions that can make a major global impact today in water, energy, food production, architecture, etc. See the website below for information on pursuing a degree in green industries.


The popularity of college degrees in green majors is large and growing, and for good reason. The demand for sustainability professionals is growing, too. That means more high-paying, long-term “green-collar” jobs are being created daily. Demand breeds variety. Due to the greater demand for green-collar workers, colleges and universities are stepping up and offering a wider variety of green majors and specializations at every degree level.

This wealth of options has created a whole new problem for prospective students: how to choose the right environmentally friendly major. However, once the choice is made and the student has established a solid footing on his or her education path, current projections indicate they will be able to find careers in their field.

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