Mar 07

All the more reason that EcoloBlue is an essential solution…

Seems like there is much news lately about water mains breaking, and other emergency situations. These people are in need of water, and it was unavailable to them, at least for a period of time. EcoloBlue offers solutions, so that people have a primary or back-up source of water, in any time of need.


“Although the break has been isolated and water is back on for all but a handful of those households, affected customers may experience air in their water lines or discolored water,” said Madison Water Utility spokeswoman Amy Barrilleaux. Link
Precautionary Boil Water Advisory’ still remains in effect for some parts of the city. D.C. Public Schools officials have announced that meals at some schools will be impacted by the advisory. DC Water officials told customers to boil their water for cooking and drinking if they were experiencing low or no water pressure, especially in areas West and Southwest of Rock Creek Park. Link
We often don’t think about where our water comes from,” said Steve Fleischli, director and senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Water Program in Los Angeles. “Does it come from a nearby river or a lake, intermittent streams, isolated wetlands, or an aquifer? Yes, you may have a water treatment plant, but if your water source is not protected, people face a real risk.” Link

A water main break sent water gushing down the streets in a Santa Ana neighborhood early Friday morning. Link