Mar 11

10 things you may not have known about EcoloBlue 30 Series Atmospheric Water Generators

1. EcoloBlue atmospheric water generators help to dehumidify the air around you. If you live in a very humid environment, the EcoloBlue unit will help to make the air around you more comfortable.

2. EcoloBlue machines contain 3 ultraviolet (UV) bulbs to make your source and storage tanks antibacterial. There is also a 3rd UV bulb directly before the dispenser, that will kill any remaining bacteria one last time, before entering your glass.

3. EcoloBlue machines use an electrostatic air filter to draw air into the machine, which will then condense into water. By drawing in dust, pet hair, and other particles, the machine is purifying the air around it by trapping unwanted debris in the air filter.

4. The Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter used in the EcoloBlue machines, filters out arsenic, organic particles, fluoride, bacteria, viruses, metals and other substances up to a .00001 micron size. Unlike most under the sink RO systems, EcoloBlue machines do not waste any water. Any water that is not filtered through the RO, gets recycled back into the source tank to start the process all over again. Most standard under the sink systems, will just pour that waste water right down the drain.

5. EcoloBlue machines come standard with a mineral filter, that will replenish into the water, the healthy minerals your body needs. Also offered, are optional Alkaline filters that can increase the pH of your water up to 10.

6. To make your EcoloBlue machine more energy efficient, you can control when the machine runs, when you use the hot and cold functions, and what temperatures you would like the water to be (as low as 39F and as high as 203F).

7. EcoloBlue machines also work as a hybrid unit. When your humidity level is low, you have the option to hook up to a municipal water line. Be assured that the reverse osmosis and carbon filters remove the same particles from the water, regardless of whether the source water is from the air or from the tap.

8. EcoloBlue machines are perfect for emergency preparedness, such as when your local water main breaks or your municipal water becomes polluted. When you are instructed by your city to boil your water, or not drink it at all, your EcoloBlue will be there with fresh and pure water at your disposal. EcoloBlue machines can run off of solar, wind or gas generator to allow you to be completely water independent.

9. EcoloBlue machines can also make carbonated water with our unique soda machine. Not only can you save money by not buying sparkling water and soda at the store, you can make it healthier for your family by adding nutritious ingredients.

10. Every day, more and more cities, universities, state parks and other locations are banning the sale of plastic water bottles. With an EcoloBlue machine, you can take your pure water from the air with you wherever you go.

10 cosas que no conoce acerca de EcoloBlue Generadores De Agua Atmosférica

2 cosas de lista de 10….

1. El Osmosis Inversa (OI) filtro utilizadoenlasmáquinas deEcoloBlue, filtrar el arsénico, partículas orgánicas, fluoruro, bacterias, virus, metales y otros sustanciashasta un .00001tamaño demicras. A diferencia de la mayoría de los sistemas de ósmosis inversa de bajo del fregadero. MáquinasEcoloBlueno pierdenninguna gota  de agua. Cualquieragua que no sefiltrada a través dela( OI ) se recicla de nuevo en el tanque de abastecimiento para iniciar el proceso de nuevo. la mayoría de losotros sistemas derrama la agua residualpor el desagüe.

2. EcoloBlue máquinasson perfectas parala preparación de emergencias. por ejemplo, cuandosusprincipalesde agua localesrompenosu aguamunicipalse contamina.  Cuando se le indique porsu ciudad de hervir su agua o nobebaen absoluto. Su EcoloBlue estará allícon aguafresca y puraa su disposición. EcoloBlue máquinas puedenfuncionar conel generadorsolar, vientoo el gas.  para permitirque usted seatotalmente independientede agua.