Mar 17


Minerals are essential to facilitate basic body functions. The right minerals in productive amounts benefit the human body in many ways. They keep nerve and muscle functions normal, grow connective tissues, regulate fluids, assist in controlling bone growth, keep metabolism up and a host of other benefits. In addition to helping the body, some minerals also improve the taste of water. Therefore, the food products made with the mineralized water taste better.

During the reverse osmosis process, contaminants are removed from the water. As part of the process, minerals are also taken from the water. EcoloBlue recognizes the importance of the right minerals in healthy quantities and incorporates a re-mineralization process. This process provides pure delicious water containing eleven of the minerals that are essential for your health.

Magnesium is one of those important minerals because it controls blood coagulation, energy production and muscle contraction as well as helping protect against diseases such as gastric cancer. Calcium is also essential to bone growth and nerve transmission. Sodium is naturally occurring in water due to underground salt deposits. In healthy amounts, sodium is necessary to carry nutrients throughout the body. Potassium helps to reduce bone loss as well as reducing the risk of kidney stones. Zinc is one of the most important to develop the immune system to aid in resisting infections. Zinc is also imperative to the growth of body cells. It plays a vital role in children’s growth and development of the mind and body.

EcoloBlue makes sure your family is safe from contaminants, pharmaceuticals, and other harmful agents. Most importantly, EcoloBlue ensures your family receives the minerals needed for positive health and mind/body growth.