Mar 24

How do you drink your water?

Sometimes you just want a nice, crisp, clear glass of water. But other times, you might want to reach for something sweet, or with a little flavor. However, you do not need to always reach for an soda or sugary juice. Have you thought of all the different ways you can drink your water?

1. Make tea. With all the tea options available, you can make a nice hot or cold tea beverage in whatever flavor you like.

2. Make a pitcher of ice water for a party with slices of cucumber and a couple sprigs of mint. Nice and refreshing on a Spring or Summer day.

3. Drop a handful of berries in your glass. Or better yet, muddle them in your glass to infuse the water even more.

4. A wedge of lemon or lime adds a refreshing twist on a plain glass of water.

5. If you are using EcoloBlue’s atmospheric water generator with carbonation, then you can spruce up your sparkling water with a little citrus juice, or other fruits, to give it that extra kick.

6. Use your pure water from air to make fun ice cubes for any occasion. Just freeze inside some basil, lemongrass, mint, ginger or other herbs, or add some fresh assorted berries.

7. Keeping your newly infused water in a pitcher in the fridge for a couple of hours to overnight, will just help increase the flavor even more.

Some other delicious flavor combinations are:

Cherry and Lime

Blackberries and Thyme

Watermelon and Mint

Lavender and Lemon

The options are endless…

Make it fun for your kids to experiment with all the flavor options out there. If you give them all these choices, maybe they won’t think twice about grabbing a glass of water instead of a sugary drink.

Fruit Water

A veces lo quequieres es un agradable, fresco, vasode agua clara. Pero otras veces, es posible que deseealgo dulce, ocon un poco desabor. Sin embargo, no es necesario alcanzar un refresco insalubres o jugoazucarado. ¿Has pensado en todas las diferentes formas en que usted puede beber el agua?

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