Mar 28

What would you do after an earthquake?

As a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit Los Angeles this evening, we felt it validated the topic we brought up in our last poll/post. “What would do for water in a natural disaster?”. While it might seem like a random question we asked, it is a very real one, that was proven not so random tonight. You might wonder what you would do, but when you can not predict a possible emergency, are you prepared ahead of time?

Have you stockpiled water? If not, you need to consider what you would do if your local water main breaks, or is contaminated. Or what if the earthquake (hurricane, tornado, etc.) caused your local roads to collapse, or be blocked by debris. Can you survive in your home for a few days, until you can reach a shelter, or purchase water?

That’s one of our goals, to provide a solution in an emergency. With an EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator, you will already have pure drinking water at your disposal. You can also be storing the excess for a situation like this. In the case of a possible power outage as well, you can always be prepared with solar power or a gas generator.

Give it some thought…

¿qué harías después de un terremoto?

Cuando ocurre un terremoto, ¿estará preparado? ¿Habrá tubería de agua rotas o agua contaminación? ¿Dónde vas a obtener su agua? EcoloBlue ofrece soluciones para conseguir agua a través de cualquier crisis del agua y ayudar en situaciones de desastre.

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