Apr 18

EcoloBlue now an Associate of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA)

ACWA LogoEcoloBlue has just joined their membership of 430 public water agency members and 275 water-related associates and affiliates. EcoloBlue plans to use this opportunity to collaborate with other water agencies and organizations, to develop better solutions to benefit you and your community.

ACWA identifies issues of concern to the water industry and the public it serves; accumulates and communicates the best available scientific and technical information to the public and policy makers; facilitates consensus building; develops reasonable goals and objectives for water resources management; advocates sound legislation; promotes local service agencies as the most efficient means of providing water service; provides additional services of value to its members; and fosters cooperation among all interest groups concerned with stewardship of the state’s water resources.

EcoloBlue will also be attending the ACWA 2014 Spring Conference & Exhibition in Monterey, CA on May 6-8, 2014. If you will be attending, please visit us to see not only our home/office units, and have a taste of pure drinking water, but also see one of our EB1000 Industrial units in action. We hope to see you there.

ACWA Conference and Expo