Apr 24

3 Types of EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generators

We have our Home/Office units, our Industrial/Commercial machines, and our Emergency A.C.E. Container. For 7 years we have been solving global water problems. See below for various everyday and emergency solutions defined. View a News Story HERE.

EcoloBlue 30 Series Atmospheric Water Generators (up to 30 liters of water per day)

1. Provide 99.9% pure and healthy drinking water for your family, in any environment with 35% or higher humidity.
2. Have a supply of water when your local water main breaks or the city water becomes contaminated.
3. Stop buying bottled water for your home or office.
4. Add an alkaline filter to make the water a pH of 10.
5. Our patented 30s machines create carbonated water.

Water Background 30 Series

EcoloBlue Industrial/Commercial Atmospheric Water Generators (up to 100 – millions of liters of water per day)

1. The machine can provide water to your home garden or greenhouse.
2. Perfect for Hydroponic and Aquaponic systems.
3. Supply enough water to your home to take showers, water your plants, do your laundry and other uses with off-grid solutions.
4. Scalable configurations can be customized to fit your requirements, in EcoloBlue Water Stations.
5. Wineries can use this water to prevent bacteria buildup in their storage tanks.

EcoloBlue 1000 Industrial Machine

EcoloBlue 1000 Industrial Machine

EcoloBlue’s A.C.E. (All Contained Emergency) Container (up to 2,000 liters of water per day)

1. Have a fixed emergency solution at your business, hospital or other facility.
2. The container can be dropped into a location as a disaster strikes, and with the bottling system, you can distribute water.
3. Save time and money, by not procuring and transporting bottled water to the disaster location.
4. Keep these at military bases to provide water in emergencies.
5. The Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations can store these to dispatch as needed.

Emergency EcoloBlue A.C.E. Container

Emergency EcoloBlue A.C.E. Container