May 28

Possible Drought Solutions – Share Water, Use Recycled

Firstly… It looks like 8 Bay Area water agencies are looking to join forces to bring water to the people. Some have more, some have less, but they claim it will save money in the long run. At least they are looking for solutions on how to serve the people, and work toward a common goal.

The other is a bill being passed to start making recycled water available to commercial and residential buildings, for the purpose of watering, washing cars, etc. If it will save this water from being drained to the ocean, then this water is going to serve a much greater purpose.

These and other organizations are looking to innovation, collaboration, and generally thinking outside of the box to get their communities out of this water crisis many are experiencing.

It seems that a great many of them are still not aware of the concept of making water from thin air, and how this can be a solution. But once it catches on, it will be realized the much better place we will all be in.