Jun 10

EcoloBlue Fact Sheet on Global Water Crisis around the world

Here is a small sampling of the water crisis that are plaguing people all over the world. EcoloBlue can help. Click the link at the bottom for the complete list.

Texas communities poised to run out of water within 3 months

Source: RT

In the next 50 years, there could be a water shortage of close to 8.3 million acre-feet per year

Source: RT

For 2 weeks, Teaching Hospital in Ghana out of water in 3 wards.

Source: SpyGhana

Brazil suffering from worst drought in 80 years

Source: WWMT News

18 to 20 Arab states are classified under the water poverty line.

Source: Gulf Times

30 cancer-related deaths in Bahrauli village in India, are blamed on water contamination.

Source: Times of India