Jul 16

Causing plastic bottles to disappear

(Taken from a 2010 interview.)

Wayne Ferreira says the hardest part of selling his company’s atmospheric water generator is explaining how it works: The EcoloBlue, similar to a dehumidifier, takes water vapor and condenses it into pure, drinkable H2O. “People have a hard time grasping that water is just coming out of the air,” says Ferreira.

A pro tennis player from 1989 through 2005, the Lafayette resident got the idea after seeing the number of plastic water bottles being thrown away by players. The EcoloBlue reduces the need to buy and transport environment-clogging bottles and coolers—the newest model pumps out eight gallons of water a day. It may also reduce water shortages by tapping into the atmosphere rather than land-based sources for drinking water. Ferreira would like to supply inexpensive units to places that lack access to clean water. “To provide a source of pure drinking water for everyone—it’s a huge undertaking, but little by little, I think we can get there.”