Feb 11

Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative – Living Billboard Campaign

EcoloBlue would love to see your healthy slogan too. Post on Twitter including hashtags #EcoloBlue and #BANPAC, and feel free to post on our Facebook Page, as well as any of your other social media, to share your healthy activities with your friends. We look forward to seeing your photos.

Living Billboard Campaign
BANPAC launched the Living Billboard Campaign January 2015. The Living Billboard is a social media campaign to raise awareness around healthy activities among social networks.

What is a Living Billboard?
A living billboard is a picture of an individual or group of individuals holding up a white billboard that displays a healthy slogan. The picture is then posted on social media with hashtags.


Living Billboard How To Guide

  • Write your healthy goal or healthy action on a whiteboard or a blank sheet of paper (e.g. “I drink water”, “I enjoy REAL food”, “I am active”, etc.)
  • Take a picture with your message (see corresponding photo below)
  • Upload your picture on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+)
  • Add 1-3 hashtags to your photo(s).
  • Suggested hashtags: #livingbillboard #championsforchange #BANPAC
  • And add your own hashtags
  • Post your hashtagged photo(s) to social media (see corresponding photo below)
  • Congratulations! You created a living billboard!