Feb 17

ARTivism: Symposium Calling for Science & Art to Engage Climate NOW

Per Gabriele Schubert (Environmental Grants Researcher and Writer): “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2015 TO MY FAVORITE ‪#‎ARTIVISTS‬ AND ‪#‎SUSTAINABILITY‬ EXPERTS WHO CONNECTED AT THE Centro Cultural de la Raza IN SUPPORT OF UCSD’S RENOWNED CLIMATE SCIENTIST, Professor Richard Somerville’s CALL TO #ARTIVISTS TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE. *Since the Centro is in the former water towers of the City of San Diego, this ‪#‎ARTivist‬ event featured EcoloBlue and other innovative tech to ‪#‎MakeWaterFromAir‬! –which amazed even Dr. Somerville and his wife Mrs. Silvia Somerville, as well as SD Sustainability Director Jacques Chirazi (in the blue shirt). It was a LOT of Fun, as Professor Marianne Luna Peterson is documenting.” LINK

13774_10152696156303741_8814676169946889781_n“EcoloBlue distributor Mark Sudak tells renowned climate scientist Dr. Richard Somerville about the machine (behind Gabriele Schubert: it may look like your office cooler, but you again never have trucks spewing CO2 to deliver water: EcoloBlue’s tech MAKES WATER FROM AIR: 4-8 gallons per day, anywhere!!! Dr. Richard Somerville and everyone at the Centro Cultural de la Raza, loved EcoloBlue’s great-tasting cold water!”

10959851_10152696156283741_4812883467100492163_n“Everyone was drinking EcoloBlue WATER MADE FROM AIR –and saying WOW!! And: “IT TASTES GREAT!!””. At right, world-renowned climate scientist Dr. Richard Somerville! is jazzed to learned about this cool tech to help us all during global warming!! He was especially happy to learn that CO2 was not emitted to deliver this water, but that instead, that this EcoloBlue machine makes 4-8 gallons of WATER FROM AIR, per DAY!!!”

10991102_10152696328203741_1818002260330016313_n“Forging a Sustainable Future with tech to MAKE WATER FROM AIR, in the Centro Cultural de la Raza,: SD Sustainability Program Director Jacques Chirazi is drinking a cup of EcoloBlue WATER MADE FROM AIR, as UC San Diego’s renowned climate scientist Dr. Richard Somerville marvels at this wonderful new tech that adds to the Balboa Park Sustainability Program.”