Mar 09

EcoloBlue Emergency A.C.E. Container Tour

EcoloBlue provides environmentally conscious Water options to single family homes and offices, any business industry using large volume of potable Water, and in an emergency situation as a complete disaster relief solution.

EcoloBlue’s ACE Emergency Water Solution offers a self-contained, powered, water generation, and bottling system, that provides up to 2000 Liters of pure drinking water daily from the humidity in the air.

The ACE Container is designed for solutions such as on site emergency management at hospitals or large facilities, disaster relief, aid organization dispatch, military uses, and many others.

The ACE Container bottling system allows for distribution of clean drinking water in an emergency. The pouches are filled with 99.9% pure water, and capped within the ACE Container. The bottling system can fill a maximum of 30 pouches a minute.

Clean drinking water whenever, and wherever, you need it.

Please call EcoloBlue at 1-800-691-6043 for more information.