Mar 15

Did you know that you can make Free Soda with EcoloBlue?

EcoloBlue’s patented model, EcoloBlue 30s, can make sparkling water from the air. Not only will it start off with 99.9% pure water, but then you can transform it to whatever you or your children desire.

How much money do you spend a year on soda? Many of the articles we have read state that the average American household spends approximately $850 on soda annually. And I wonder if that is just Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper and the like. I wonder if they include sparkling water (plain or flavored), ginger ale, tonic water, and others as well.

On top of that, American’s spend approximately $240 per person on bottled water every year. And that is not even addressing the environmental impact of what is happening (or not happening) with all of those plastic bottles.

If we do the math… taking into account an average household to be 4 people, that is approximately $1810 spent on soda and bottled water per year for the average household. That in itself pays for your EcoloBlue machine, that now fulfills both of those needs for you, and includes your first filled CO2 canister and water bottle. While you may have to periodically purchase replacement CO2, or your preferential flavorings for your soda, these costs are very minimal in the grand scheme of things, and completely in your control based on usage.

If you prefer to stick with a more natural soda, by adding fruit or herbs, we have come up with a few suggestions on a previous blog post that you can peruse.

Think about it…. doesn’t it make sense to make your own water from the air, and reap in these savings all year long? Seems pretty logical to me.

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