Jul 07

Do you know the important reasons why you need an EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG)?

1. Do you regularly buy bottled water for your household? Did you know that an average household spends over 4 times as much a year on bottled water, over creating their own water from the air with EcoloBlue? And think of all the plastic bottle waste you are preventing.

2. Are you currently under mandatory water restrictions, and worry about the fate of your urban garden, flower beds, or greenhouse? One of EcoloBlue’s small industrial units can create water every day that you can use for watering your plants.

3. Are you a leader in the green or sustainability community? Do you see the benefits in promoting this technology to teach the future generations that there are solutions to help hydrate people and save the planet from plastic waste?

4. Do you live in a town where you rely on well water, and the wells are drying up? Sounds like you need to create water from the air to supplement your drinking water, and even your entire household’s water supply.

5. Did you know that atmospheric water generators are perfect for military bases around the world. They create water that can be used to fill canteens and water buffalo tanks, and provide the troops with their minimum daily requirement of water. We also offer a 20% military discount on our home/office units.

6. Are you the next city, state or country that will suffer from a debilitating drought? Be proactive and think to what you can do to help prevent this. EcoloBlue’s water station can provide millions of liters of water every day. Speak with your local agencies and government officials to let them know that this is the solution they need to look at.

7. Did you know that with our patented soda model, you can create sparkling water and turn it into soda or healthy sparkling beverages? Think of all the money you will save by not purchasing soda for your household. See some recipe ideas here: LINK

8. What happens when there is a natural disaster and everyone then rushes to the store to fill their carts with bottled water? Sometimes you arrive to empty shelves. If you can make your own water from the air with EcoloBlue using electricity (if you still have it), a backup generator, or solar, you will be all set. Aid agencies can turn to our A.C.E. Containers for larger scale solutions.

9. Are you an athlete that drinks a lot of water when you train or compete? Did you know that EcoloBlue water is 99.9% pure? Perfect for keeping your body hydrated and healthy.

10. Have you ever wanted to live off-grid, or have an eco-friendly vacation cabin? Running a home/office unit on solar is the perfect solution for your drinking water supply.