Jul 31

Are you an island community in need of potable drinking water?

Island Screen ShotCheck out, The Island video.

Islands such as Santa Catalina, Jamaica, the Greek Isles, Cayman Islands, Fiji, Puerto Rico, Vancouver Island, and so many others are in various stages of their own water crises. EcoloBlue has design plans, using our tested industrial model machines, for small or large scale water stations to fulfil your water needs on any level. Desalination may be off the table due to size, and extremely high build out costs. If so, atmospheric water generation on various levels, are an excellent option to get these islands clean drinking water, and help to replenish their supplies. They can be built on a large scale to support the local municipalities, or on smaller scales to help a local hospital, school, apartment building, and so on. We have solutions for whatever your water need is.

Clean water for drinking and sanitation is one of the most, if not the most, important commodity on the planet. Our solutions can be game changers where poor sanitation leads to disease and death. Install these systems in your community, and see the world around you change for the better.