Aug 12

USC Filmmakers Highlight The Human Side Of California Drought

It’s an understatement to say California’s historic drought has been getting an exhaustive amount of news coverage. Local and national media outlets have dedicated countless column inches and primetime slots to detailing the mandatory cutbacks, shaming the communities still maintaining green lawns and discussing the effect of the various crops grown in the state. But more than 900 families in East Porterville, an unincorporated town in California’s Central Valley have been living without water for months, and no one’s really talking about it.

Katie Espejo and Ariel Blandford are trying to change that with As The River Goes, a documentary spotlighting the Americans being hit the hardest by the drought, and exposing the lack of aid they’ve receive Espejo, a recent graduate of the University of California’s School of Cinematic Arts and East Porterville native, used her senior project as an opportunity to draw attention to the crisis crippling her hometown.