Sep 18

Instant water: just add air (EcoloBlue Interview)

Atmospheric water generators (AWG) produce unlimited, pure drinking water from the humidity in the air.

As those of you who live in the Tropics know humidity is something that the North has in abundance, making these machines perfect for agricultural operators in the region that want peace of mind that no matter the rainfall level, a constant supply of water will always be available.

The machines utilise highly energy efficient condensers to extract moisture from the atmosphere, quickly and efficiently while leaving a very small environmental footprint.

Californian-based company EcoloBlue and its co-founders Wayne Ferreira and Henri-James Tieleman are global leaders in the AWG industry and share a of being able to provide potable water to everyone, everywhere in the world.

EcoloBlue vice president of operations Heather Jepsen told the North Queensland Register that Mr Ferreira traveled extensively before starting the company and witnessed a serious lack of water, as well as serious waste of water and wanted to come up with a solution to solve both.

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