Oct 08

Why Go Green? Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Major.

The world is changing, and the world needs educated people to change with it. There are so many green industries with products and solutions that can make a major global impact today in water, energy, food production, architecture, etc. See the website below for information on pursuing a degree in green industries.


The popularity of college degrees in green majors is large and growing, and for good reason. The demand for sustainability professionals is growing, too. That means more high-paying, long-term “green-collar” jobs are being created daily. Demand breeds variety. Due to the greater demand for green-collar workers, colleges and universities are stepping up and offering a wider variety of green majors and specializations at every degree level.

This wealth of options has created a whole new problem for prospective students: how to choose the right environmentally friendly major. However, once the choice is made and the student has established a solid footing on his or her education path, current projections indicate they will be able to find careers in their field.