Apr 22


Happy Earth Day! If you are interested in trying to win an EcoloBlue atmospheric water generator, please submit a photo by following the instructions below. See further rules at ecocontest.org


1) Post a pic on our page facebook.com/ecocontest2016 showing what you will do this year to help heal our earth.
2) Use the hashtag #EcoContest2016 – and you’re in!

1) Post a picture of what you can do to help heal our earth. Tag @ecocontest2016
2) Use the hashtag #EcoContest2016.

1) Tag @EcoContest2016 in a picture of your Earth Day resolution.
2) Use hashtag #ecocontest2016.

Spread the word to increase your chances of winning! Share you photo(s) and ask friends and family to like and share. The top 20 photos will be entered in a chance to win a 2016 Hybrid Car. Consolation prizes include Free supply of groceries from your choice of Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market, Gas cards, and more. Entries must be received by Jul 21st. Winners will be announced Aug 28th 2016.


  1. james mcgee

    this system could give water to people that don’t have clean water

    1. EcoloBlue

      Yes exactly. That is one of our major goals, to help people globally who do not have access to clean water.

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