Apr 27

Brian Lee Sessions at Willow Grove – Enter the EcoContest to win an EcoloBlue AWG

American genre songwriter Brian Lee has teamed up with XFINITYSessions and is releasing his concert “Sessions at Willow Grove” on Earth Day 2016. The concert will be available through XFINITY on Demand starting April 22nd, 2016 and running through June 20th, 2016. The on Demand program is exclusively available through XFINITY and will be seen in over 24 million homes in the United States.

Accompanying the concert this year is the first EcoContest, a “social media” photo contest for fans to celebrate preserving and restoring the Earth, with amazing prizes for winners from sustainable companies including EcoloBlue, BigR Audio Headphones, and others.

Brian Lee Sessions at Willow Grove #XFINITYSession from Kurt J Zendzian on Vimeo.