Aug 16

EcoloBlue’s Filter Club is Back! 20% Off!

Do you own an EcoloBlue atmospheric water generator and want to save 20% on your filter purchases? You can, by joining our Filter Club.

By signing up for reoccurring shipments, you can let go of worrying about when you need to change your filters. Your order will be charged, and shipped, prior to your replacements being due.

If you have had the Filter Club membership in the past, you will need to contact us and sign back up, as we are on a new subscription system now.

You can choose to have a 6 month filter kit shipped to you every 6 months, or a 1 year kit shipped to you every 1 year. You may use your discount to purchase Reverse Osmosis Filters and UV Bulbs separately.

The Filter Club is valid for all models of our home/office units (EB28, 26, 30, 30ME or 30s) and for Inline or Quick Change Filters.

QFC-System-Front-RO_white background Please contact us today, to start taking advantage of this offer.

John Mortlock
Sales Executive

Trena Wilson
Customer Service