Jul 17

EcoloBlue article on ToysforBigBoys.com

How Does a Solar Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) Work?

  • Humidity and temperature diver the EB 30 ME solar atmospheric generator
  • The EB 30ME Solar Kit can generate water based solely on the humidity in the atmosphere with the sun’s light or battery generated backup system
  • Extraction of water from the humidity in the air – 40 percent humidity or greater is needed
  • Harness the power of the sun – can use the battery powered backup
  • The warm air that is full of moisture passes through an electromagnetic air filter and over cooled coils causing condensation
  • The condensation collected is filtered and purified
  • The squeezed water is collected in a tank and treated with UV light to kill any bacteria or viruses along with other contaminants.
  • The UV light inhibits bacteria growth in the reservoir
  • Drinkable pure water is stored in tanks until needed

EcoloBlue’s developers have designed a sleek looking, technologically advanced system that weighs approximately 130 pounds. The water produced ranges from a cold 39°F to as hot as 203°F. The filtered water has an average Ph of 7.0 to 7.5. Additional filtering systems can be purchases to achieve a Ph of 10. Separate tanks store the cooled and hot waters until ready for use.

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