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Nov 09

Our Sales Executive John Did A Great Webcast with Cannabis Investor

On September 15, 2016 our Sales Executive John Mortlock spoke on the Cannabis Investor Webcast. For thirty minutes people were educated on the history of EcoloBlue, what we offer, and the affect we are having in communities. People learned about water issues in the U.S. and how an AWG from EcoloBlue can be used in the event of a water crisis. John also spoke about how an AWG from EcoloBlue can help with greenhouse growing. Click HERE to view the full Webcast.


Jul 26

Tacoma Cannabis Business Expo and Herbal Chef Dinner

We entered the Cannabis Business Expo with the intent to learn about the industry and bring awareness of our Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) to other businesses. Not only did we accomplish our goal, we were also able to generate great leads and meet great people. Our trip started with a dinner catered by The Herbal Chef, Chris Sayegh. We were delighted with his delicious food and this was our first introduction to other vendors that would be at the Expo. This event was an eye opening experience about Cannabis infused food and the beginning of what we learned about the process of growing Cannabis. While at the dinner, The Herbal Chef was also participating in his upcoming television show called Braized and Confused. While EcoloBlue will not be mentioned in the show, you may see a familiar face of an EcoloBlue employee.

The next day we were up bright and early, ready for our first day of the Business Expo. Several people came through and were excited to drink our pure tasting drinking water. We met some remarkable people including Ed Rosenthal, who is a prominent person in the Cannabis community and an advocate for legalizing Cannabis. We also met one on one with The Herbal Chef, Chris Sayegh, who was excited about our product. He saw the benefits we can offer to the Cannabis community and to his natural cooking style. There were also several speakers at the event, and we were able to gain knowledge about the industry, and how our pure water can be beneficial to growers.

Day two of the Expo generated more people intrigued about our pure fresh tasting water and learn facts about AWG’s. We showcased our product to several people while educating them on how they can take advantage of using our AWG for their growing needs. People applauded our efforts in generating water for air as a great way to conserve water and a great way to insure they were growing the best plants possible. We also learned from others, that growers can also benefit from the climate control capabilities that our product offers.

We are looking forward to continue building relationships with the people we met, and hope to work with some of them one day soon.

The Herbal Chef, Chris Sayegh creating dessert

The Herbal Chef, Chris Sayegh creating dessert


The beautiful dessert

In the Chef’s own words… “Locally foraged communal dessert for the dinner in Tacoma, Washington. I really like to do these communal tables because it brings people together to share in food, which as a kid is one of the greatest memories I have with my family. The inspiration for playing on the table came from @reneredzepinoma We were with an amazing ethnobotanist in the area: @heidibohan and she took us all around Tacoma to forage for: Oregon Grape Berries, Salal Berries, Black Currants, White Currants, Red Huckleberry, Blackberry, June Berries, Melisse and much more but this is all that is on the table. On the table, there is three curds, spurlina as the green river, chocolate and vanilla tarts with chocolate and vanilla pudding in the middle, Melisse ice cream (Froot loop ice cream), Berry sauces, jams, and raw. Shortbread crumble, and a Froot loop sabayon.” – Chris Sayegh

Setting up the booth

Setting up the booth


Heather Jepsen and John Mortlock at the Expo

Heather Jepsen and John Mortlock at the Expo

Chris Sayegh trying EcoloBlue Water From Air

Chris Sayegh trying EcoloBlue Water From Air

Ed Rosenthal trying EcoloBlue Water From Air

Ed Rosenthal trying EcoloBlue Water From Air


Jul 07

See EcoloBlue’s Ad in the CannaInvestor Magazine

See our ad HERE in the CannaInvestor Magazine, Page 27.

canna investor

Jun 02

EcoloBlue’s Ad in CannaInvestor Magazine

You can read CannaInvestor HERE. EcoloBlue’s Ad is on Page 17.


May 24

Postponed: Ecoloblue to Present on CANNAINVESTOR Webcast


New date TBD.

PACHECO, CA., May 24, 2016 / — EcoloBlue today announced it will present online on the CANNAINVESTOR Webcast (www.cannawebcast.com) on Thursday, May 26, 2016 at 4:00 PM EDT – 4:45 PM EDT.

Ecoloblue has been sustaining and supporting Water issues experienced worldwide, by suggesting EcoloBlue products, and accordingly providing environmentally conscious Water options to single family homes and offices, any business industry using large volume of potable Water, and in an emergency situation as a complete disaster relief solution.

The CANNAINVESTOR Webcast will include presentations from both privately-held and publicly-traded cannabis companies and industry professionals. Ecoloblue’s presentation will be 30-minutes long and followed by 15-minutes of Q&A. The CANNAINVESTOR Webcast is a great opportunity for its online audience to research industry companies without taking time-off from work, paying registration fees and incurring travel-related expenses.

“The CANNAINVESTOR Webcast is an online interactive platform that will assist us in increasing our awareness and exposure to the cannabis community, while giving us an opportunity to talk about our growth strategy,” states Heather Jepsen, Vice President of Operations.

Cannabis investors, analysts, executives, media, and consumers who would like to attend the free online webcast, please click on the link www.cannawebcast.com and visit the Registration Page. After you register you will receive a link via e-mail to access the webcast on presentation day. To view the recorded presentations please visit www.youtube.com and search for Cannabis Investor Webcast two weeks after the live presentation.


Heather Jepsen
Vice President of Operations