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Oct 11

EcoloBlue Water From Air for Puerto Rico

Per The Washington Post … “Attendant with that future are worries about outbreaks of waterborne diseases, such as scabies or Zika, which is transmitted by mosquitoes breeding in standing water. Just 63 percent of the island’s residents have access to clean drinking water, and just 60 percent of wastewater treatment plants are working, according to figures released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In poorer communities, such as the San Juan neighborhood of Carolina and the mountain town of Canovanas, doctors are seeing worrying numbers of patients with conjunctivitis and gastritis brought on by contaminated water and poor hygiene.”

EcoloBlue has been manufacturing Atmospheric Water Generators that create potable drinking water from the humidity in the air. This is our 10th Anniversary! Our machines reside on 6 continents, and are helping the residents of countries all over the world, to provide them with safe drinking water.

Now it is up to all of us to help Puerto Rico. We are working with some high school students in Dorado, P.R. who have their own GoFundMe page set up to acquire our machines to support their local communities. And we wanted to set us our own campaign to help with the same exact mission. To provide healthy and safe drinking water to the communities that desperately need it.

Help support this cause, and we will work with local organizations to provide as many machines as money is raised, along with generators, or solar power if needed. The more money raised, the more people we can help.

Any amount helps! Water From Air for Puerto Rico GoFundMe

Please join our mission and visit us on our Website, Blog, Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram .


Jan 12

Volunteers of America Wonderland Thank You Video

Volunteers of America Wonderland Event. It was a great experience and we look forward to doing it again next year.



Apr 16

Are you a Champion of Safe Drinking Water and Water Conservation?

Everyone from celebrities, and their charitable organizations, to school children learning how they can help save the world, can be champions of clean and easily accessible drinking water for all.


How many of them know, that they do not need to rely solely on outside sources of water?

How many know what ‘water from air’ means?

How many know that when your local water supply is deemed undrinkable in an emergency, that your family will still have a clean and safe supply of water to get you by?

How many know that in many cases, bottled water is not any cleaner than the water from your tap?

How many practice some simple conservation steps such as throwing extra ice cubes in a house plant rather than in the sink, or turning the water off while brushing your teeth?

Everyone can do their part to help conserve. They can even go as far as creating their own water from the air, which is only going to lessen the water stress in many drought stricken areas. Water issues are global, and they affect every person.

Below are few pictures of one of our industrial units in use in Haiti, in the effort of supplying clean drinking water to a hospital.

Women in Haiti drinking Water From Air

Women in Haiti drinking Water From Air

EB250 Atmospheric Water Generator in Haiti

Todos pueden hacer su parte para ayudar a conservar. Incluso pueden llegar a suponer la creación de su propia agua del aire, cuales sólo va a disminuir la tensión de agua en muchas zonas afectadas por la sequía. Los problemas del agua son globales y afectan a cada persona.