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Oct 11

EcoloBlue Water From Air for Puerto Rico

Per The Washington Post … “Attendant with that future are worries about outbreaks of waterborne diseases, such as scabies or Zika, which is transmitted by mosquitoes breeding in standing water. Just 63 percent of the island’s residents have access to clean drinking water, and just 60 percent of wastewater treatment plants are working, according to figures released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In poorer communities, such as the San Juan neighborhood of Carolina and the mountain town of Canovanas, doctors are seeing worrying numbers of patients with conjunctivitis and gastritis brought on by contaminated water and poor hygiene.”

EcoloBlue has been manufacturing Atmospheric Water Generators that create potable drinking water from the humidity in the air. This is our 10th Anniversary! Our machines reside on 6 continents, and are helping the residents of countries all over the world, to provide them with safe drinking water.

Now it is up to all of us to help Puerto Rico. We are working with some high school students in Dorado, P.R. who have their own GoFundMe page set up to acquire our machines to support their local communities. And we wanted to set us our own campaign to help with the same exact mission. To provide healthy and safe drinking water to the communities that desperately need it.

Help support this cause, and we will work with local organizations to provide as many machines as money is raised, along with generators, or solar power if needed. The more money raised, the more people we can help.

Any amount helps! Water From Air for Puerto Rico GoFundMe

Please join our mission and visit us on our Website, Blog, Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram .


Oct 25

This Customer Received An AWG As Part Of Our Donation To Flint Residents

State Representative Henry Yanez interviewed Anna Keller after she received her EB30 donation from EcoloBlue. She will no longer have to purchase bottled water and will enjoy the benefits of her AWG.

Jun 16

California company brings ‘water generator’ to Flint



EcoloBlue Proposes Big Solution For Flint: Atmospheric Water Generators

Read more: http://www.benzinga.com/news/16/06/8119620/ecoloblue-proposes-big-solution-for-flint-atmospheric-water-generators#ixzz4BlOICViu

On Thursday, president and CEO of Ecoloblue Water and Energy Henri-James Tieleman came to Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church in Flint proposing a possible solution: atmospheric water generators (AWG).

Flint native and Michigan State Representative Phil Phelps for the 49th House District, which includes part of the city of Flint, and Flint and Mount Morris townships, helped introduce this new plan.

Accompanying Phelps from the Capitol was Michigan State Representative Henry Yanez for the 25th District, who says they’re going to do the best they can to make sure Flint starts moving toward a healthier and more sustainable community.

“This is something that’s long overdue and I’m glad Ecoloblue is here. I am going to do whatever I can as a legislator so the residents of Flint can get fresh healthy water and fresh healthy food,” Rep. Yanez told Benzinga.

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