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Aug 12

Are Water Wars Coming?

In Sao Paulo, the Brazilian government is already preparing for “What if?”. What is the residents are in such a dire need of water that they plan an attack on their local water utility? Their army is already staging scenarios on how to handle such a situation. Role playing for what we all hope is not the inevitable. Can you imagine being so desperate for water that you have to go out and physically fight for it? In Africa alone, women spend billions of hours every year away from their homes and families, just to obtain clean drinking water. The struggles for many are fierce. Even in our home state of California, complete communities are without drinking water. Dwindling aquifers and wells drying up are causing panic situations for a lot of people. With water creation solutions out there, such as atmospheric water generation, communities leaders and governments need to be contacted and asked to use these solutions to solve the problems in their areas. There seems to be a lot of talk, but not a lot action. Preparing for “What if?” now, will prevent “What if?” from happening in the future.

Apr 01

California Mandatory Water Restrictions

One way you can assist with the drought, is to make your own water from the air. The more you make, the less you are depleting from the State. Make your own water, be self-reliant, and sleep easy knowing that you are being a part of the solution, and not part of the problems. We have solutions for your home, office, community, corporation, or even your whole town.

This drought does not just extend to the borders of California, so think about it if you are in a drought stricken state or country.


Oct 02


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Aug 24

State of Emergency for South Napa Quake – Are you prepared?

Another reminder to us all that a natural disaster can happen at any time. There was much building damage, roads had buckled, water mains broke… Are you prepared? Do you have an emergency kit ready to go with at least 3 days worth of food and water for your family ready to go. Do you have the ability to make your own safe drinking water that you can store in the event of an emergency? You don’t want to have to compete with others depleting water from grocery stores.

A press conference on KTVU reported saying that many people were complaining about not having water, and that for those that do, a lot of mains will be shut off during a time to do the repairs. The spokesperson reported that some people could be without water for up to a week.

With our atmospheric water generators, you can create and store water. However, you might want to also consider a solar system or a gas generator to run your machine. That way, you are never without clean drinking water in an emergency, even when you have no power. Something to consider.

Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency due to the damage resulting from the 6.1-magnitude earthquake centered in southern Napa County. The governor includes power outages to 69,000 area residents, continued aftershocks, and fires as additional reasons for this morning’s emergency declaration. The declaration allows all available state resources to be directed toward earthquake response efforts.

In a statement issued earlier Sunday morning, he said: “My Office of Emergency Services has been on full activation since early this morning and is working close with state and local emergency managers, first responders and transportation officials to respond to impacts to residents and critical infrastructure. These safety officials are doing all they can to help residents and those living in affected areas should follow their guidance and instruction.”

The 6.1 earthquake was reported at 3:20 a.m. about three miles northwest of American Canyon, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The U.S.G.S. also reported 2.5 and 3.6 magnitude aftershocks about four miles southwest of Napa at 5:01 a.m. and 5:47 a.m., respectively. Several smaller aftershocks have also been reported.