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Feb 13

Is This The Ultimate Prep? Create Gallons Of Water From The Air With An Atmospheric Water Generator

is this the ultimate prep create gallons of water from the air every day with an atmospheric water generator

No one wants to face the tragic situation of running out of drinkable water, especially while surviving.

Normally, you can purify water by using a filter, or by boiling it, or using the sun to purify it. But what if you really are out of options? Eventually odds will catch up with you.

Most people can tell you that there is plenty of water in the air in the form of humidity, but it’s pretty much “locked up” floating around in the atmosphere and useless in any real quantity.

What if there was a device that could collect that water vapor from the air and bottle it?

It would be the ultimate prep for SHTF, and it could even benefit you now. The need to buy bottled water would be completely eliminated and you could save money.

Such a device would be ideal for a prepper that wants to cover every outcome, or a homesteader living off the grid without clean running water.

Well, guess what. Such a device does exist, and today we’re going to talk about the ins and outs of it, the EcoloBlue.

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Jun 29

Patriot’s Special


From now through July 16, 2016 purchase an atmospheric water generator with a solar kit for a discount price of $2995.00. You will get an extra 6 month filter kit for free with purchase!

Includes: EB30 Maximum Efficiency AWG, 300W Solar Panel, and 2000W Solar Inverter + 6 Month QC Filter Kit.

This bundle is everything you need to be prepared for a water crisis and the best option for off the grid water solutions. Perfect for hydroponics, aquaponics users and greenhouse farmers.

Go to www.EcoloBlue.com and enter promo code “PATRIOT16” or call 800-691-6043 and speak to our sales representative for added discounts.

*Discounts cannot be combined
*Offer valid only on purchases made directly from EcoloBlue

Dec 15

Last Minute Holiday Deals from EcoloBlue

Looking for some last minute holiday deals?

Do you have a friend or family member that loves your EcoloBlue machine? Have they been talking about getting one? Have you thought about offering them a gift certificate towards their purchase? You can now.

EcoloBlue Gift Certificate

How about giving a gift to your favorite gardener. The TriPot reduces water usage and over watering. It comes in blue, green, grey or white, and we’re now offering it for 50% off. (while supplies last)
Was $69.50, Now $34.75



Don’t forget…
– We’re still offering 50% down on pre-orders for early 2016 on new EB30 model machines.
– We offer 20% off our home/office units and filters to current and former members of the military (discount doesn’t expire).


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Oct 02


Oct 2014 Promo