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Apr 21

How To Turn Air Into Drinking Water – Unbox Therapy


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Feb 15

iReviews.com: EcoloBlue Atmospheric Water Generator


According to EcoloBlue’s website, “there are 37,500 trillion gallons of “fresh” water in the air at any given time.” A hydrological cycle regenerates this amount every 9-16 days. Simply stated, there is ample opportunity to tap into the air around us for pure drinking water. That is exactly what California-based EcoloBlue did when they created their EB30 water generator. Standing for the company name EcoloBlue and its ability to generate 30 liters of 99.9% pure water, the EB30 generator is poised to revolutionize the way we access clean drinking water.

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Feb 07

EcoloBlue 30ME Maximum Efficiency Water From Air Generator Review

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Apr 22

Atmospheric Water Generator Review: Solving the Global Water Crisis

Another technology that can help reduce some of the water shortage problems is atmospheric water generator. Atmospheric water generator is great for solving the global water crisis, because it has the ability to extract moisture in the air and turn it into clean drinking water. This means that you can have access to fresh H2O anywhere in the world where there is enough water vapor in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric water generator review

Atmospheric water generators are still expensive for most people. Many of them cost at least $1,000 or more. The good news is that with better water purifying technologies and more demands, the price of an atmospheric water generator will significantly drop. In addition, their performance will also increase. Some of the best atmospheric water generators are made by EcoloBlue.

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