Water Art 2016 – 1st Grade

Ecoloblue partnered with the Science Department at Buena Vista Elementary School in Walnut Creek, California for the second year in a row to work on a special project with first and fifth grade students. The first graders (shown below) were asked to draw a picture of the AWG from EcoloBlue that they had in their class and show the process of how we create water from air. Other first grades drew pictures of the water cycle.

Since EcoloBlue‘s machines are designed to work in a very similar way to the natural water cycle, we thought it would be fun to show the interpretation of this natural process from the minds of children. It was also great to see how creative the children were by drawing an EcoloBlue AWG. It was exciting to review the drawings when we received them, and see the various artistic representations.

In these days of drought, conservation and global water crises, we want to ensure that the next generation is aware that there are solutions at their fingertips. The students have had one of EcoloBlue’s machines in their classroom as an education piece during this project, so that they can start to understand that there are machines that can replicate this natural process. We understand that the students name the AWG “The Magic Water Machine. “

Much thanks goes to Deborah Walker (Science Specialist) for helping to coordinate the project, and for her general enthusiasm for this project and her students. And of course to the talented students as well. See the 5th Grader’s Art HERE